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The Importance of Dubbing in Game Production

By   2018-12-17

Favorite of the Digital Age

Games which make our leisure times more fun, entertain us to fill our free time and sometimes, are both for entertainment and tutorial are in teaching position. Games are often a strategic practice in the courses. At the same time, the game workshops are for to play rational games attract the attention of the young people who want to know the philosophy of the game, as well as the children and the middle-aged people who want to go back to their childhood.
How Effective Are Computer Games?

In contrast to classical games, virtual games are an indispensable element of young people and children. For this reason, the game sector has shifted to the virtual network over time. There are some important conditions for to take a special education and develop the producing phase of the games and put it forward in our world, which has become a global village where every day a new game takes place. There is no doubt that this is the sound.
The Importance of Sound in Computer Games

In the virtual world, it is of great importance that not only the visual effect is not sufficient, but also the visuality that is supported by the sounds. The sound quality in the games is also an important factor for the game to be sold and downloaded and played by a large groups. Even so; most people are familiar with the sound of a game and the effect it uses in the game. For this reason, sound could also be used for giving the feeling of trust to game and their producers.
If it's a combat game, the noisy cannon or rifle sounds allow the person to feel that feelings and feel the game at the same time. If there are some elements of fear in the game, a vocal effect will support the image. According to research, neither the sound nor the image is sufficient by solo. According to this situation, which is also valid in cinema sector, it is a fact that sound elements are also dealt with as much as the images. Because how we can't taste any horror movie when we watch it in silent mode, this is the same for a game that doesn't have some sound effects.

Performing a game with a script prevents the person playing the game from being bored and it gives the player a better experience. As an example of Grand Theft Auto game, there are many missions and responsibilities in the game, and it is about realism that plays a big role in the production of the game, but if a person who plays a game can play the game both in free mode and in story mode, it takes a little more time for the game to become boring, which is a great pleasure and gain for the producer of the game.
The Scenario of the Game

The producer of the game must create the script with the help of an expert person, otherwise the scenario of the game can be very ordinary and may take a very short time. It may be difficult for the producer to add reality to the script and it can be very hard for him because the producer may want the game to progress in a fantastic way. Each player loves the reality touches in the game. The scenario of the game should never be used in online mode because players always want to do what they want in the online version of the game.
Copy Scenarios

The scenario of the game should not have been applied before for certain and it should be different because the stolen scenarios always make bad impressions. While the game is in producing phase, the script which could be stolen creates great rumors for your game and the rumor that scenario of the game is stolen is very difficult to be erased for the players.
Characters of the Scenario

The characters should be named according to the region in the game and should be shaped according to their ages. Each character must have different features in the scenario.
Creating of Scenario's Name

The script you have written should definitely have a special name, for example (Nougat scenario). If the name of the game and the scenario are related, you will address a lot of players. While making the scenario of the game,   you should pay too much attention and you should not stint. For scenario, players must have at least two or more options and different paths in the game. The subject of the script has a great impact on the download rates, trends and its performance. Games with scenario are generally preferred contrary to free mode games. The games with scenario are always more popular than the other games.

The importance of story in game making

By   2018-12-17

Digital games are liked and played by everyone. However people who cares about the quality of the game are few. For instance, you are watching a movie and you are getting bored in the first 30 minutes then you should know that you are watching a bad quality movie. This same feeling counts for digital games. You get bored of a game which doesn't have a fluent storyline because the game gives you nothing. That's why if you want to play a quality game, you should care for its story. You can see more detailed topics below.

A storyline/scenario like a movie is required

You should choose games that has a scenario like movies to feel the game when you are in it and forget the time. You can both relieve your stress and have fun understanding the game. Besides that, players mostly choose games with a proper storyline. These kind of games are usually nominated for the best product/storyline/scenario rewards. This situation makes game companies happy. That's why both players and companies gave importance to games that are based on stories.

Relieves your stress level and makes you happier

We can't say that for every game with a storyline of  course but games with scenarios might make us forget about our stress and start feeling better. Because you can get lost in the story of the game, and have fun at the same time. Unfortunately games with quality scenarios are not being released as there are few companies left that produces them. This is why, today, there are a lot less players who plays story games.

At least you won't waste your time

You can both have fun and get some knowledge by playing a quality game instead of choosing nondescript games. There are so many no-name games that are released to market and which at the same time steals your time for nothing. These games might put you in a stressed mood, and steal your precious time. Actually, playing digital games have some harming effects. But if you can not stop playing and you are wasting your time on bad quality games, you should at least choose a game with a great storyline, that way you spend your time playing something worth. Whatever happens, do not spend most of your time on computer games. Because digital games have so many damaging effects on your body ranging from radiational to backache. This is why you should spend enough time on games and have a balance while playing.

The money that is needed to make a game

By   2018-12-17

You want to make a game too. You have the will, or basically everything you need. But there is one question. “How do i get all that money”, “ Do we really need money to make games or how much do we need ?”

Do you need money to make games ?

Everybody wants to make a game but so less of them tries and becomes successful. Money is an important deal in this topic and worrying about “ we don't have any money, lets try a different field” like sayings are nonsense issues. Not having the money doesn't mean you can't make a game. No, you can make a game without money.

So, how do i start making a game with no money ?

Your game doesn't have to be on the platforms like PC, PS4, XBOX, ANDROID with highly priced sell values, it doesn't have to be followed by everyone or no high graphics required. For example, you can draw so many great games with a paper and a pencil.

Draw a character on the paper and make people decide on what the next scene will be by randomly choosing another paper. But you want make the highest quality computer game, you have to spend a lot from your pocket, but don't worry you can still manage to find that much money. 

Is it possible to make games in the virtual world ?

Of course it is! But this doesn't mean you can get rich easily without paying anything like “ Let's make a game and sell each of them for 400₺, and we rich.” Because this is not how it works. If you want a high income out of this, you need to spend a lot. Free virtual games that you produced for virtual world can have a good quality too while they may not be like others but it is something. Finally, let's get to topic that everyone is curious about! 

What do you need to make a game in the virtual world ?

Free, virtual world games require two things. One is a computer and the other one is knowledge. Yes, that's all you need. 4 GB's of ram is enough for your computer. Download a game engine to your computer. Search the internet to learn how to use that engine. Now you know whatever you need, we can make good games by using our computer and knowledge. However, do not aim too high because if you want to make a good game you still need to spend money.