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The best age to play games

By   2018-12-17

In today's world, with the improvement of technology and as the smartphones are becoming widespread, the gaming concept has been changing for ten years ago. Games used to be seen as outside-entertainment, nowadays it is widely accepted as gaming on smartphones. All the world and his wife should get used to this or they has to, to be more precise.

Is there any age for playing games ?

There is no age restrictions for anyone to play games. Games are played by everyone at any age and it should be. The things is that what a game gives to a person changes based on the age and the time. For example, babies should play instructive games, so that they can get the maximum efficiency out of what they play. Children should play games to enhance their creativity and imagination. One example for games like this is Minecraft. Minecraft by mojang, has been played willingly by millions of children everyday.

Even some countries play it as course subject. If we are going go talk about young people, they should focus on games about team-play. They should know how to become a team, and they should learn how to come through the difficulties together, AoE for example. We have talked about the improvement of games at the beginning, this change undoubtedly have made old people happy. Because now a smartphone is all you need to play games.

We see that they can't stop playing games. Those people with the experience of solving sudoku and puzzle, are more likely to play puzzle games. They can play whatever they want for sure. Candy Crush, addressing mid aged people, is the choice of millions of players.

Indeed, we have said that there is no age restrictions for playing games, anyone can play anything whenever they want. We have given examples of games that are preferred by every age. Even if the attitude about children who are playing games most of their time, has been diminished recently, some people still abstain from playing games and don't let the child that is living in them, have fun. However he can be a happy person if he can breakdown the prejudices and keep up with the times. After reading this article, i suggest everyone that you should play games as soon as you can.

Why has the popularity of gaming been risen ?

By   2018-12-17

Games, are the fun parts of people's lives. If a person has a monotonous life, as he/she gets bored easily and as it is so natural for people, they choose to spend time on hobbies, or find different entertainment tools. For the very reason, people might play games to run from their monotonous life.  As the technology has been improved everyday, the popularity of gaming has been risen too.
The one of the biggest impacts of this, people try to find happiness, fun, hobbies in games, instead of finding the perfect time to talk to others. This situation concerns more of the younger ages, instead of mid and old ages. Even if the parents complain about this,  no one has succeeded to stop this. If we gather the reasons of all this happening, we can see that parents who work at job for most of their time, they don't really have time to give their children the attention they need and that's why children fill this emotional emptiness in virtual world.

The reasons of the high-demand in games

As a human, in the beginning, we approach the things we like with love, then as the time passes the love decreases, and we can suit this to almost everything we do. Playing computer games as an entertainment process, we know that we will get bored after some time, and we will look for a new one. Therefore; it causes a rivalry in the sector as every game gets to known and new games gets produced which causes a passion between producers. This causes players to always look for a whole different new game or a new and a better game in the same series whenever they finish the game they played.

The attractiveness of computer games

Computer games give people a chance to do whatever they want in their imaginary world, by letting them create a character that represents themselves. The game that is played by a person can include many characters with different characteristic features. One can choose the most suiting character for him or her and move it freely. By one's nature, people want to be the one who controls their character instead of being under control by someone which is highly attractive. In regard to this, surprisingly this popularity and demand on games will get bigger day by day.

What is the future of mobile games

By   2018-12-17

We all agree on that everybody ranging from young to old, has a smartphone in their pockets. Technology is the focus of our lives. From the most busy to the most free time of ours, we always check our phones. We used to silence children with toys but nowadays the smartphones have taken the place of toys. We always look up to our phones. There is also a fun side of the smartphones, playing games, which people cant stop themselves spending time doing it. You can even see an old person while crashing candies.

The future of the sector is promising

Mobile Gaming sector keeps on shining.  The demand on mobile gaming has increased day by day after the console games have been adapted for mobile platforms. Of course the gaming engines, easy-to-learn programming languages and the encouragement of schools affects the whole sector in a vast scale. The computers that are getting trashed everyday, expensive console games, and the choice of people who want the ways of easy usage of anything, makes the mobile gaming sector more functional undoubtedly. The easy access of producers to the studio setting is also an another important factor. We can say that people have chosen to play mobile games while walking outside, traveling, or just to spend time while waiting.

Multiplayer Mobile Games

Multiplayer has a huge impact on the future of the sector as it addresses the people of age 15 to 30 while this is an irreplaceable blessing for them no matter how addicted they become. The producers work hard but the feed back in the end rewards them. Players choose playing multiplayer mobile games over their jobs, schools, even their sleep just like a disease. That's why, the multiplayer games are the main impact on the whole mobile games sector.

Mobile games in the future
When we take a look at the graphics or the storyline of a mobile game, it is pretty addictive that you can spend hours and hours without keeping an eye on, while new mobile games have been produced everyday. But there is a question when you think all of this, " what will happen in the future if the games are this much realistic and high quality ?" . Quality aside, for now and the future, we will always have mobile games in our lives. It seems that the marketing of the smartphones and the mobile games will both support each other, and will keep rising.

Playing Games at home in winter

By   2018-12-17

Playing games can be the most popular activity for people to spend time nowadays. In these years at which the technology dominates us, people tend to do activities while sitting which occupies a bigger place instead of doing physical activities. The smartphones which almost every group of age uses, lock their users to screen by providing thousands of different features and users don't even remember the time while doing activities. Playing games is the leading one among those activities, no doubt.

Winter activities left their place to smartphones

People used to play snowball or slide with their bags under them when it snows outside, but people don't even think about it these days when you compare it to ten or fifteen years ago. Because  people are under the effects of the smartphones, all they want is to win that game by spending more and more time.

A few years ago, winter was meant to play snowball, build a snowman, eat mandarines and oranges at home, bake chestnuts, and have a talk with family but in nowadays winter means playing games hours and hours and wasting time at home without going outside. The gamers even don't have any time to talk to their families, they sometimes don't even pay attention to what people are saying.

War games are the leading ones

The most popular choice of gaming in winter is war games. Instead of playing snowball, having fun or doing even a little sporting activity, they choose to waste their time with people who focus on only the screen like them. Football games, and candy related games are following the lead of war games.

What to do ?

What can you do for the people whose only activity is playing games, to strengthen their relationships or to make them spend their time outside ? Nothing actually, in the changing and retrograding days of our lives, as everybody wants the most expensive and the best of anything, going outside or spending time with someone is now seen as the leftover scenes of movies. Thanks to the technology, the fast learning and being able to learn anything you want, locks us to our homes in winter too.