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Reasons to Play Games

By   2018-12-17

Games take a big place in people's lives. There are a few games that someone enjoys every second, while others only play to pass the time. In our time, there are some games on the streets like hide-and-seek, football, jump rope, hopscotch but now, computer takes their places. Even today's young people participate in this activity day by day. With the development of technology, the development of games, appealing to the eye and attracting some attention attracts people. It is very natural for the footballer who is fond of football to be taken to the graphics of the latest version. Likewise, young people who are in high school and university periods are fond of strategy, war and team games. In this way, together with groups of friends, they tend to spend time and enjoy together.
Are Games Needed in Human Life?
 It is an entity that acts in accordance with human needs. If we talk about the necessary needs; We can give an example of the feeling of hunger, the need for shelter, the need for trust. If these needs are met, a gap and dissatisfaction may arise in man. This may lead to the annoyance of the person. In these leisure times, occupation of time and time-consuming has a very important place in human life. Some people enjoy walking on the beach while others can play computer games with their friends.
Fondness of Computer Games Nowadays
  Although not for every family, parents sometimes complain about the fact that their children spend more time with computer games than reasonable hours. Playing this kind of computer games to the extent that it can harm the education life, it can also cause a defence mechanism to be formed between itself and the family and it can cause one to embrace the games as a world of its own. If the person spends too much time with the games, there may be some risks. For example; in a way the character he can play in a way that he can reflect and completely like he can enter a role. He is more likely to become dependent on himself by going away from real life and isolating himself, looking for a role in the virtual world.

Graphics Motors Used for Games

By   2018-12-17

In the video game universe, the location of the graphics is indisputably important. The producers, who are now getting very close to have a real-like images, will soon be looking at graphics that resemble photo frames.
Aurora Engine Graphics Engine
 Maybe the least known graphic engine would be the Aurora Engine. This engine which was designed by Bioware is often used in RPG games. Especially in the Neverwinter Nights series, this engine brought itself to the forefront. According to its period, this engine, which has quite stunning graphics, was developed after being developed and was called Odyssey Engine.
Id Tech 3 Graphics Engine
 Considering the Id Tech 5 for Doom 4 and Rage, seeing the id Tech 3 in the list can be tremendous. So this engine, in fact, is quite old. This graphic engine which came out in 2003 when the first Call of Duty released is also known as Quake 3 engine. One of the longest-running gaming engines in the game world, Id Tech 3, is made by Id Software . As it is known that the company is being known with its series like Doom, Quake, Heretic, Wolfenstein which have left a very huge impact.
Source Graphics Engine
  Source a special graphics engine where players are separated from each other. This engine, developed by Valve, was used in the development of the most legendary games in the history of the game. With the Source engine the engine running in the infrastructure of the Half-Life 2 game has developed most of the company's games. These games are Left 4 Dead, Portal and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. As we have seen, each of them has made a name for themselves in the video game universe and has big fans. Valve's next engine is being looked forward.
Unreal Engine 2 Graphics Engine
  Unreal Engine 2, like Quake 3's Id Tech 3, was used by gaming companies. The fact that these two game engines were recently published and used in each other inevitably brought about competition. However, the advantage was always on the Unreal Engine 2 which has engine of Unreal Tournament 2. This game engine, which has been used in almost all game categories from FPS to MMORPGs, has provided a great source of money for its developer, Epic Games. The continuation of this game engine was with Unreal Engine 3.

Labor Time Required in Game Production

By   2018-12-17

It should be ensured that the games are addressed to all kinds of players instead of a specific group. This requires great workmanship and preparation. The width of the planned areas should be worked with workers who really know their jobs so that the players feel themselves inside the atmosphere and focus during the game. With the inexperienced staff, the duration of the game production may be extended, the costs may increase, and unwanted unfortunate events may occur.
The higher the quality of the game, the longer the duration of production. if you think that you will create a new world in a detailed way, even big companies have a game every five years. Of course, this number is increasing according to the quality and size of the work.
Effect of Game Type on Production Time

 The game type which has been made in years is open world games. Apart from the beauty of the of the world that you created, you also have to make this world alive in somehow.The fact that people talk to our character, react to him, and many side missions and side characters are also a big factor in this kind of games.
Of course, being the longest does not make the game hardest among the others. The games with the alternative scenarios are one of the most challenging types of work, and the production of them takes a long time. You have to get all your characters from real player modeling. Otherwise, we will encounter a soulless play, far from realism. The installation of the studio, the ability of the actors to take the scene and make the necessary movements will take a lot of time.
The most important feature that distinguishes the alternative scenarios from other games is that we can choose the scenario's direction as we want. Therefore, the hundreds of possibilities and a few different end of the game that presents us the scenes of different angles and different events require a great effort and time overall.
What is the advantage of online games compared to single games?
 Most producer companies now look at whether the game is online or not instead of a scenario based game. They think that they can make more profits if it’s an online game. However, this strategy will bring the end of the scenario based games. With less expense and less time, the era of high-profit online games seems to have begun partially.

Details that require much time

By   2018-12-17

Character and Environmental Modeling
  The most challenging and time-consuming first part of the game world is definitely the 3D modeling section. Sometimes we wait months or even years, we love the dates of the games we love, but the people working in the background of what the difficulties and spend most of the time spent working should not be forgotten. The people who design the objects and models that make us feel like we are inside the impressive atmosphere are the ones who spend their time for this job.
  The more impressive the graphics are and atmosphere of the game, the greater the amount of time we spent on the game.
Game Programming
  Many of the factors that we see in the games, such as the bars of life, the bullets of the guns or the movements of the characters, are actually made by programming. These are some of the details that require plenty of time and patience. If we want a quality and realistic game, we can say that there is definitely a benefit in the long run.
Voice and Dubbing
  If there are three reasons why a game gets us, the second is definitely the voices. Sometimes we hear such beautiful sounds that we encounter in the game as if we were a player in a Hollywood movie. We cannot say that these voices are being made in a short time. It is important to note that there are different sounds for each episode and stage. Without forgetting to say, then, the dubbing is being made for games.
Servers in Online Games
  One of the biggest problems that we often encounter in online games, played with multiple players, is definitely server problems. Sometimes we can think that our internet is bad, but in fact it is a problem with the servers in the game and the game team warns us about it and apologizes. The most challenging and time-consuming details of online games are the servers. We can say that plenty of time is spent on servers to reach players in different countries and around the world.
Game Story

The scenario of the games must be impressive to make us addicted to the game, drag into it and please our imagination. There are many games that we cannot forget and cannot lose its effects in a good way for a long time. Of course, it is not possible to say that this script was written in weeks. Although to a lesser extent, the other detail which last long and requires lots of time is scenarios.