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Reasons to Play Games

By   2018-12-17

Games take a big place in people's lives. There are a few games that someone enjoys every second, while others only play to pass the time. In our time, there are some games on the streets like hide-and-seek, football, jump rope, hopscotch but now, computer takes their places. Even today's young people participate in this activity day by day. With the development of technology, the development of games, appealing to the eye and attracting some attention attracts people. It is very natural for the footballer who is fond of football to be taken to the graphics of the latest version. Likewise, young people who are in high school and university periods are fond of strategy, war and team games. In this way, together with groups of friends, they tend to spend time and enjoy together.
Are Games Needed in Human Life?
 It is an entity that acts in accordance with human needs. If we talk about the necessary needs; We can give an example of the feeling of hunger, the need for shelter, the need for trust. If these needs are met, a gap and dissatisfaction may arise in man. This may lead to the annoyance of the person. In these leisure times, occupation of time and time-consuming has a very important place in human life. Some people enjoy walking on the beach while others can play computer games with their friends.
Fondness of Computer Games Nowadays
  Although not for every family, parents sometimes complain about the fact that their children spend more time with computer games than reasonable hours. Playing this kind of computer games to the extent that it can harm the education life, it can also cause a defence mechanism to be formed between itself and the family and it can cause one to embrace the games as a world of its own. If the person spends too much time with the games, there may be some risks. For example; in a way the character he can play in a way that he can reflect and completely like he can enter a role. He is more likely to become dependent on himself by going away from real life and isolating himself, looking for a role in the virtual world.

The Importance of Dubbing in Game Production

By   2018-12-17

Favorite of the Digital Age

Games which make our leisure times more fun, entertain us to fill our free time and sometimes, are both for entertainment and tutorial are in teaching position. Games are often a strategic practice in the courses. At the same time, the game workshops are for to play rational games attract the attention of the young people who want to know the philosophy of the game, as well as the children and the middle-aged people who want to go back to their childhood.
How Effective Are Computer Games?

In contrast to classical games, virtual games are an indispensable element of young people and children. For this reason, the game sector has shifted to the virtual network over time. There are some important conditions for to take a special education and develop the producing phase of the games and put it forward in our world, which has become a global village where every day a new game takes place. There is no doubt that this is the sound.
The Importance of Sound in Computer Games

In the virtual world, it is of great importance that not only the visual effect is not sufficient, but also the visuality that is supported by the sounds. The sound quality in the games is also an important factor for the game to be sold and downloaded and played by a large groups. Even so; most people are familiar with the sound of a game and the effect it uses in the game. For this reason, sound could also be used for giving the feeling of trust to game and their producers.
If it's a combat game, the noisy cannon or rifle sounds allow the person to feel that feelings and feel the game at the same time. If there are some elements of fear in the game, a vocal effect will support the image. According to research, neither the sound nor the image is sufficient by solo. According to this situation, which is also valid in cinema sector, it is a fact that sound elements are also dealt with as much as the images. Because how we can't taste any horror movie when we watch it in silent mode, this is the same for a game that doesn't have some sound effects.

Why has the popularity of gaming been risen ?

By   2018-12-17

Games, are the fun parts of people's lives. If a person has a monotonous life, as he/she gets bored easily and as it is so natural for people, they choose to spend time on hobbies, or find different entertainment tools. For the very reason, people might play games to run from their monotonous life.  As the technology has been improved everyday, the popularity of gaming has been risen too.
The one of the biggest impacts of this, people try to find happiness, fun, hobbies in games, instead of finding the perfect time to talk to others. This situation concerns more of the younger ages, instead of mid and old ages. Even if the parents complain about this,  no one has succeeded to stop this. If we gather the reasons of all this happening, we can see that parents who work at job for most of their time, they don't really have time to give their children the attention they need and that's why children fill this emotional emptiness in virtual world.

The reasons of the high-demand in games

As a human, in the beginning, we approach the things we like with love, then as the time passes the love decreases, and we can suit this to almost everything we do. Playing computer games as an entertainment process, we know that we will get bored after some time, and we will look for a new one. Therefore; it causes a rivalry in the sector as every game gets to known and new games gets produced which causes a passion between producers. This causes players to always look for a whole different new game or a new and a better game in the same series whenever they finish the game they played.

The attractiveness of computer games

Computer games give people a chance to do whatever they want in their imaginary world, by letting them create a character that represents themselves. The game that is played by a person can include many characters with different characteristic features. One can choose the most suiting character for him or her and move it freely. By one's nature, people want to be the one who controls their character instead of being under control by someone which is highly attractive. In regard to this, surprisingly this popularity and demand on games will get bigger day by day.