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Details that require much time

By   2018-12-17

Character and Environmental Modeling
  The most challenging and time-consuming first part of the game world is definitely the 3D modeling section. Sometimes we wait months or even years, we love the dates of the games we love, but the people working in the background of what the difficulties and spend most of the time spent working should not be forgotten. The people who design the objects and models that make us feel like we are inside the impressive atmosphere are the ones who spend their time for this job.
  The more impressive the graphics are and atmosphere of the game, the greater the amount of time we spent on the game.
Game Programming
  Many of the factors that we see in the games, such as the bars of life, the bullets of the guns or the movements of the characters, are actually made by programming. These are some of the details that require plenty of time and patience. If we want a quality and realistic game, we can say that there is definitely a benefit in the long run.
Voice and Dubbing
  If there are three reasons why a game gets us, the second is definitely the voices. Sometimes we hear such beautiful sounds that we encounter in the game as if we were a player in a Hollywood movie. We cannot say that these voices are being made in a short time. It is important to note that there are different sounds for each episode and stage. Without forgetting to say, then, the dubbing is being made for games.
Servers in Online Games
  One of the biggest problems that we often encounter in online games, played with multiple players, is definitely server problems. Sometimes we can think that our internet is bad, but in fact it is a problem with the servers in the game and the game team warns us about it and apologizes. The most challenging and time-consuming details of online games are the servers. We can say that plenty of time is spent on servers to reach players in different countries and around the world.
Game Story

The scenario of the games must be impressive to make us addicted to the game, drag into it and please our imagination. There are many games that we cannot forget and cannot lose its effects in a good way for a long time. Of course, it is not possible to say that this script was written in weeks. Although to a lesser extent, the other detail which last long and requires lots of time is scenarios.

The importance of story in game making

By   2018-12-17

Digital games are liked and played by everyone. However people who cares about the quality of the game are few. For instance, you are watching a movie and you are getting bored in the first 30 minutes then you should know that you are watching a bad quality movie. This same feeling counts for digital games. You get bored of a game which doesn't have a fluent storyline because the game gives you nothing. That's why if you want to play a quality game, you should care for its story. You can see more detailed topics below.

A storyline/scenario like a movie is required

You should choose games that has a scenario like movies to feel the game when you are in it and forget the time. You can both relieve your stress and have fun understanding the game. Besides that, players mostly choose games with a proper storyline. These kind of games are usually nominated for the best product/storyline/scenario rewards. This situation makes game companies happy. That's why both players and companies gave importance to games that are based on stories.

Relieves your stress level and makes you happier

We can't say that for every game with a storyline of  course but games with scenarios might make us forget about our stress and start feeling better. Because you can get lost in the story of the game, and have fun at the same time. Unfortunately games with quality scenarios are not being released as there are few companies left that produces them. This is why, today, there are a lot less players who plays story games.

At least you won't waste your time

You can both have fun and get some knowledge by playing a quality game instead of choosing nondescript games. There are so many no-name games that are released to market and which at the same time steals your time for nothing. These games might put you in a stressed mood, and steal your precious time. Actually, playing digital games have some harming effects. But if you can not stop playing and you are wasting your time on bad quality games, you should at least choose a game with a great storyline, that way you spend your time playing something worth. Whatever happens, do not spend most of your time on computer games. Because digital games have so many damaging effects on your body ranging from radiational to backache. This is why you should spend enough time on games and have a balance while playing.

The money that is needed to make a game

By   2018-12-17

You want to make a game too. You have the will, or basically everything you need. But there is one question. “How do i get all that money”, “ Do we really need money to make games or how much do we need ?”

Do you need money to make games ?

Everybody wants to make a game but so less of them tries and becomes successful. Money is an important deal in this topic and worrying about “ we don't have any money, lets try a different field” like sayings are nonsense issues. Not having the money doesn't mean you can't make a game. No, you can make a game without money.

So, how do i start making a game with no money ?

Your game doesn't have to be on the platforms like PC, PS4, XBOX, ANDROID with highly priced sell values, it doesn't have to be followed by everyone or no high graphics required. For example, you can draw so many great games with a paper and a pencil.

Draw a character on the paper and make people decide on what the next scene will be by randomly choosing another paper. But you want make the highest quality computer game, you have to spend a lot from your pocket, but don't worry you can still manage to find that much money. 

Is it possible to make games in the virtual world ?

Of course it is! But this doesn't mean you can get rich easily without paying anything like “ Let's make a game and sell each of them for 400₺, and we rich.” Because this is not how it works. If you want a high income out of this, you need to spend a lot. Free virtual games that you produced for virtual world can have a good quality too while they may not be like others but it is something. Finally, let's get to topic that everyone is curious about! 

What do you need to make a game in the virtual world ?

Free, virtual world games require two things. One is a computer and the other one is knowledge. Yes, that's all you need. 4 GB's of ram is enough for your computer. Download a game engine to your computer. Search the internet to learn how to use that engine. Now you know whatever you need, we can make good games by using our computer and knowledge. However, do not aim too high because if you want to make a good game you still need to spend money.

The main purpose of the game companies

By   2018-12-17

Every game company has its own objective. Some of them do it for money, or for the purpose of raising awareness of public or just for fun. Some of these has reached success but others have not been even played.

The ones with the purpose of money

New comers are usually deal with the fun part of making a game at first but then hey become aware of that they can make great money out of the gaming sector and to do that they start programming games. İf the programmer has hasty character, the result of the product will be failure and an incomplete game. However, if the programmer who take making a quality game as a goal, works slow but the result would be a very quality work. Indeed, programing a game needs patience.

The ones with the purpose of raising awareness of public

Programmers in this group, do not aim to earn money. All they want is to act more sensitive and conscious for the group that game address to. That's why even if the game doesn't have a good quality, to raise awareness of public, they try to be more understandable about the topic. Those companies may not be known well, but they have some resounding comments about some of their games. This is why some of these companies have chosen to change from the ones who wants raise awareness of public to the ones who aim to earn money.

For the purpose of just for fun

These companies aren't that much big when you compare to others. They make games with 4 or 5 people on their own. They have no purpose of making money out of it. It is enough for them to get their monthly salary. This is why they are more innocent. Compared to others, they are not fast at their works. They take it slow and have fun. They play the games that they have made. Their relationships are not like company based, they are purely friends. The director of this group doesn't care about discipline. That's why, i think this is the best group.

Those topics above are the objectives of game companies. As i said the most innocent and the best group is the one that aims to have fun, but in the end a game is a game. While criticizing a game, we should rate the game not the company. Because whatever the reason is, there is an effort to make it happen which is priceless and can't be denied. Game programmers also need patience and stability and if they are really into this sector, they should gather a team. Because programming a game alone is not an easy option.