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Details that require much time

By   2018-12-17

Character and Environmental Modeling
  The most challenging and time-consuming first part of the game world is definitely the 3D modeling section. Sometimes we wait months or even years, we love the dates of the games we love, but the people working in the background of what the difficulties and spend most of the time spent working should not be forgotten. The people who design the objects and models that make us feel like we are inside the impressive atmosphere are the ones who spend their time for this job.
  The more impressive the graphics are and atmosphere of the game, the greater the amount of time we spent on the game.
Game Programming
  Many of the factors that we see in the games, such as the bars of life, the bullets of the guns or the movements of the characters, are actually made by programming. These are some of the details that require plenty of time and patience. If we want a quality and realistic game, we can say that there is definitely a benefit in the long run.
Voice and Dubbing
  If there are three reasons why a game gets us, the second is definitely the voices. Sometimes we hear such beautiful sounds that we encounter in the game as if we were a player in a Hollywood movie. We cannot say that these voices are being made in a short time. It is important to note that there are different sounds for each episode and stage. Without forgetting to say, then, the dubbing is being made for games.
Servers in Online Games
  One of the biggest problems that we often encounter in online games, played with multiple players, is definitely server problems. Sometimes we can think that our internet is bad, but in fact it is a problem with the servers in the game and the game team warns us about it and apologizes. The most challenging and time-consuming details of online games are the servers. We can say that plenty of time is spent on servers to reach players in different countries and around the world.
Game Story

The scenario of the games must be impressive to make us addicted to the game, drag into it and please our imagination. There are many games that we cannot forget and cannot lose its effects in a good way for a long time. Of course, it is not possible to say that this script was written in weeks. Although to a lesser extent, the other detail which last long and requires lots of time is scenarios.