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People who make money out of the Gaming Sector

By   2018-12-17

Recently, the gaming sector has been carrying an industrial objective, too. From its producers to its publisher even the players are earning money and this shows that there is a cycle of money in the sector. One of the most exciting part of earning money in the sector is you have the chance of making money while having fun playing games. Generally, MMORPG and games that are based on improving a character are also in the sector of trading like gaming sector. Grouls of people who make money out of gaming are:

1- Producers

Game producers have become aware of the big trade volume after their entrance to gaming sector, they have built their plans on selling more, making a game into its series, and restoring an old game or making it better guaranteed them a place in the sector but there have always been people who failed, the people who haven't failed, have reached high income through the sector.

2- Publisher Companies

Alongside producing companies, the companies that producers have a deal to publish their games, have tried to take their own piece from the cake of sector, they have succeeded and have taken a good place.
For example, in the intro of a game, players usually are exposed to the producing company's advertisement, following that the advertisement and the introduction of the publisher company. Publishing companies are also successful in music sector, movie sector while they are able to boost a game's selling records and the demand on game whether the game is good or not as soon as the publisher company does the right advertisement and introduction.

3 - Executive Team
Just like a normal employee, administrator and the members of the team are getting their incomes from the producing and publishing company especially in multiplayer games field like MMORPG, FPS, MOBA. This created new job opportunities but gave people chance to earn a better position in the sector.

Gamers and Streamers

The players, for sure, are the biggest need in the sector for the trade volume of it. But in some games like League of Legends, Metin2, Knight Online, Warcraft, CS-GO, and PUBG, players are able to sell their in-game staff both in legal and illegal trade ways and therefore they are in the industry of gaming too.

Streamers recently has reached popularity and high incomes in the sector, they have gained their place. Streamers that has a great communication between their viewers, are more likely to hold on the sector.

Why has the popularity of gaming been risen ?

By   2018-12-17

Games, are the fun parts of people's lives. If a person has a monotonous life, as he/she gets bored easily and as it is so natural for people, they choose to spend time on hobbies, or find different entertainment tools. For the very reason, people might play games to run from their monotonous life.  As the technology has been improved everyday, the popularity of gaming has been risen too.
The one of the biggest impacts of this, people try to find happiness, fun, hobbies in games, instead of finding the perfect time to talk to others. This situation concerns more of the younger ages, instead of mid and old ages. Even if the parents complain about this,  no one has succeeded to stop this. If we gather the reasons of all this happening, we can see that parents who work at job for most of their time, they don't really have time to give their children the attention they need and that's why children fill this emotional emptiness in virtual world.

The reasons of the high-demand in games

As a human, in the beginning, we approach the things we like with love, then as the time passes the love decreases, and we can suit this to almost everything we do. Playing computer games as an entertainment process, we know that we will get bored after some time, and we will look for a new one. Therefore; it causes a rivalry in the sector as every game gets to known and new games gets produced which causes a passion between producers. This causes players to always look for a whole different new game or a new and a better game in the same series whenever they finish the game they played.

The attractiveness of computer games

Computer games give people a chance to do whatever they want in their imaginary world, by letting them create a character that represents themselves. The game that is played by a person can include many characters with different characteristic features. One can choose the most suiting character for him or her and move it freely. By one's nature, people want to be the one who controls their character instead of being under control by someone which is highly attractive. In regard to this, surprisingly this popularity and demand on games will get bigger day by day.