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Graphics Motors Used for Games

By   2018-12-17

In the video game universe, the location of the graphics is indisputably important. The producers, who are now getting very close to have a real-like images, will soon be looking at graphics that resemble photo frames.
Aurora Engine Graphics Engine
 Maybe the least known graphic engine would be the Aurora Engine. This engine which was designed by Bioware is often used in RPG games. Especially in the Neverwinter Nights series, this engine brought itself to the forefront. According to its period, this engine, which has quite stunning graphics, was developed after being developed and was called Odyssey Engine.
Id Tech 3 Graphics Engine
 Considering the Id Tech 5 for Doom 4 and Rage, seeing the id Tech 3 in the list can be tremendous. So this engine, in fact, is quite old. This graphic engine which came out in 2003 when the first Call of Duty released is also known as Quake 3 engine. One of the longest-running gaming engines in the game world, Id Tech 3, is made by Id Software . As it is known that the company is being known with its series like Doom, Quake, Heretic, Wolfenstein which have left a very huge impact.
Source Graphics Engine
  Source a special graphics engine where players are separated from each other. This engine, developed by Valve, was used in the development of the most legendary games in the history of the game. With the Source engine the engine running in the infrastructure of the Half-Life 2 game has developed most of the company's games. These games are Left 4 Dead, Portal and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. As we have seen, each of them has made a name for themselves in the video game universe and has big fans. Valve's next engine is being looked forward.
Unreal Engine 2 Graphics Engine
  Unreal Engine 2, like Quake 3's Id Tech 3, was used by gaming companies. The fact that these two game engines were recently published and used in each other inevitably brought about competition. However, the advantage was always on the Unreal Engine 2 which has engine of Unreal Tournament 2. This game engine, which has been used in almost all game categories from FPS to MMORPGs, has provided a great source of money for its developer, Epic Games. The continuation of this game engine was with Unreal Engine 3.