Big companies in the gaming sector

By   2018-12-17

There are hundreds of gaming company in today's world. While some of them face a bankrupt, others are getting improved day by day and keep increasing their income. Here some of the big companies in the gaming sector.

Activision Blizzard

This is such a big company when you compare to the others. It has been created by two separate companies named Activision and Blizzard. It is a company that is based on France but it generally is active in America. It was built in in 2008. It has more that 8.000 employees working. Company is known for its successful and failed series of games like  Warcraft, Guitar Hero, and Call of Duty.

Ubisoft Entertainment

The biggest gaming company of the world takes its place as second on our list. It has been built in 1986 and functioning in more than 28 country. It has been chosen to be the europe's biggest gaming company since 2008. They released two very successful games which are Assassin's Creed and Tom Clancy, aside from these they choose to improve the project called Far Cry by Cry Tek. Ubisoft has been chosen as  the most earning company from its products in 2016 and it has more than 9.000 employees working for Ubisoft right now.

EA Games

EA Games, originally Electronic Arts, was created by an old Apple employee called Trip Hawkins in America. It has been the biggest company on its own field since 2005. While their first game was released in 1983, they have been become known for their games called Battlefield and Medal of Honor since 2000s. They generally have worked in every field, they have released very successful games in the categories of war, strategy, sports and racing. They have had 9.225 employees since 2012.


It has been well known by old players. One of the oldest companies of the world and it was built in 1943 based on mainly Tokio. They had successful gaming projects in both gaming and consoles and undoubtedly best known for their Total War series. It has only 3.500 employees working, right now.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

A company that is built by Sony. It is built in 1993 and based in Tokyo but currently functioning actively in Japan. This is fourth most biggest company in Japan. Naughty Dog, Novarama, and Level 5 have been released by them like many others.

Indeed, those are the most earning companies in the sector, but they have become sole-trader companies these days and their income is increasing day by day.