Playing Games at home in winter

By   2018-12-17

Playing games can be the most popular activity for people to spend time nowadays. In these years at which the technology dominates us, people tend to do activities while sitting which occupies a bigger place instead of doing physical activities. The smartphones which almost every group of age uses, lock their users to screen by providing thousands of different features and users don't even remember the time while doing activities. Playing games is the leading one among those activities, no doubt.

Winter activities left their place to smartphones

People used to play snowball or slide with their bags under them when it snows outside, but people don't even think about it these days when you compare it to ten or fifteen years ago. Because  people are under the effects of the smartphones, all they want is to win that game by spending more and more time.

A few years ago, winter was meant to play snowball, build a snowman, eat mandarines and oranges at home, bake chestnuts, and have a talk with family but in nowadays winter means playing games hours and hours and wasting time at home without going outside. The gamers even don't have any time to talk to their families, they sometimes don't even pay attention to what people are saying.

War games are the leading ones

The most popular choice of gaming in winter is war games. Instead of playing snowball, having fun or doing even a little sporting activity, they choose to waste their time with people who focus on only the screen like them. Football games, and candy related games are following the lead of war games.

What to do ?

What can you do for the people whose only activity is playing games, to strengthen their relationships or to make them spend their time outside ? Nothing actually, in the changing and retrograding days of our lives, as everybody wants the most expensive and the best of anything, going outside or spending time with someone is now seen as the leftover scenes of movies. Thanks to the technology, the fast learning and being able to learn anything you want, locks us to our homes in winter too.