The money that is needed to make a game

By   2018-12-17

You want to make a game too. You have the will, or basically everything you need. But there is one question. “How do i get all that money”, “ Do we really need money to make games or how much do we need ?”

Do you need money to make games ?

Everybody wants to make a game but so less of them tries and becomes successful. Money is an important deal in this topic and worrying about “ we don't have any money, lets try a different field” like sayings are nonsense issues. Not having the money doesn't mean you can't make a game. No, you can make a game without money.

So, how do i start making a game with no money ?

Your game doesn't have to be on the platforms like PC, PS4, XBOX, ANDROID with highly priced sell values, it doesn't have to be followed by everyone or no high graphics required. For example, you can draw so many great games with a paper and a pencil.

Draw a character on the paper and make people decide on what the next scene will be by randomly choosing another paper. But you want make the highest quality computer game, you have to spend a lot from your pocket, but don't worry you can still manage to find that much money. 

Is it possible to make games in the virtual world ?

Of course it is! But this doesn't mean you can get rich easily without paying anything like “ Let's make a game and sell each of them for 400₺, and we rich.” Because this is not how it works. If you want a high income out of this, you need to spend a lot. Free virtual games that you produced for virtual world can have a good quality too while they may not be like others but it is something. Finally, let's get to topic that everyone is curious about! 

What do you need to make a game in the virtual world ?

Free, virtual world games require two things. One is a computer and the other one is knowledge. Yes, that's all you need. 4 GB's of ram is enough for your computer. Download a game engine to your computer. Search the internet to learn how to use that engine. Now you know whatever you need, we can make good games by using our computer and knowledge. However, do not aim too high because if you want to make a good game you still need to spend money.