What to deal within a game project

By   2018-12-17

Gaming sector attracts people with its build that is growing bigger everyday. Both mobile and computer games have a huge potential of making money. While it is not that much grown in Turkey, people of every age long for it. After people get into it, some of the people lose their interest but the rest of them reach their will.

Which game should you build

You have an idea about making a game but you have never been in this sector before, first problem to be solved is uncertainty. Because in this situation, you can't know where to start, what to do and how to progress, which means you have no idea. It is so important for people like them to learn even a tiny piece of knowledge about these topics. People who are at the beginning, it is useful for them to read this article.

First of all, making a game is not a waste of time. This is a serious business. It should have the same artistic respect as it is in producing a music like producers or drawing a picture like an artist; games has it too. Game making is a hobby which actually contains different fields of art in it. A game has its own story, a language and a view. The soundtracks of the game and music brings the harmony. There are 3 main fields for someone who gets into the game making sector, at the beginning. One of them is programming, the other ones are visualization and the platform the you are gonna build all of these into one.

Programming a Game

It is also an important thing to have a great knowledge about programming languages. It should be known that the most used languages in this field are C#, C++ and Java. Knowing a lot about these languages could be the first steps of your successful career in the gaming sector.


Actually, a game is a combination of the movements of colors and shapes. The most known 2D and 3D visualization tool is PhotoShop, apart from that Illustrator, 3D Max Studio and Maya like softwares are necessary to be learned too. You surely don't need to master them all. Mastering one of them is your best choice. 

Choosing a gaming platform

As the game making brings a complex process, the need of new gaming engines to make this process faster has showed up. Unity and Real Engine like gaming platforms will be the biggest supporter for you and your speed up process. Gaming sector attracts people by its everyday-growing structure. Both mobile and computer gaming has a big potential of money making. While the sector is not completely grown or improved in our country, it's still attractive to everyone ranging from young to old. After people are into it, some of the people will lose their interest by time passes but the rest of them will be reaching their will at the end.